EPS Block - 1000x1200x1000mm (x2)

EPS Block - 1000x1200x1000mm (x2)
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Part Number:  EPS
Lead time:  Up to 15 working days depending on stocks
Dimensions:  1000x1200x1000mm
Colours:  White only
Fire retardant:  Yes

Expanded foams like polystyrene display a unique set of properties which makes our EPS block suitable for an array of different applications.

EPS has incredible cushioning and shock absorbing properties, is affordable and one of the best insulating materials on the planet.


  • Polystyrene manufacturing tolerance is +/- 1 to 2%
  • All block is moulded from virgin bead
  • Request Non Fire Retardant bead if required
  • Block cutting service is available at an extra cost
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There are many uses for our EPS block from model making, arts and crafts and sculpting,other industry uses also include:

  • Landscaping Infill
  • Road and Rail Embankments
  • Wall Insulation
  • Floating Pontoons
  • Roof and Floor Insulation
  • Prototype modelling

Q. Why would you use our Polystyrene Block over other materials?
A. When contrasted with other insulating materials expanded polystyrene has the best performance and the lowest thermal insulation U-vales.

  • Our block is available in a variety of densities so you can chose the grade that best suits your application
  • We can cut block to your specification on our specialist hot wire equipment

Q. How well does expanded polystyrene insulate?
A. Expanded polystyrene insulation actually exceeds building regulations and can be tailors to your requirements. When used correctly in wall insulation U-Values as low as 0.07W/m²K can be achieved.

Q. I have heard EPS (expanded polystyrene) is highly flammable, is that correct?
No that is a common misconception and there have been several convictions for deceptive and unfair marketing relating to claims regarding EPS and flammability.

In fact; all our EPS blocks are moulded using flame retardant bead.