EPS Wall Systems

EPS sheet is used as part of home insulation to provide a reliable, energy saving and cost-effective solution.

Our EPS sheets offers outstanding wall insulation and is a tried and tested way of improving the thermal performance of external walls.

EPS has can be used on interior and exterior wall or injected into the wall cavity as blown bead. There are systems available that combine EPS core available with weather proofing materials including plastic weatherboarding, cladding, tile and rendering systems.

EPS Roof Systems

In non insulated roof spaces nearly a quarter of a buildings heat is lost through the roof. Insulating an loft, attic or flat roof is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and lower energy bills.

EPS 70 sheets of varying thickness can be used in a range of floor, wall and attic applications in both residential and industrial to satisfy the current building regulations and U-value requirements of heat transfer.

The insulation boards are very easy to install and are available in a full range of grades and sizes to suit your individual requirements.

EPS Floor Systems

The most common applications are below a concrete slab with concrete poured on top or also being used as a walkway board with chipboard laminated to the EPS 70.

EPS is also very popular for the use in beam and block systems. Beam and block is very quick to install, thanks to the minimal need for ground prep.

Other benefits to bear in mind; including improved sound deadening, a higher thermal mass and greater fire resistance. Another key factor, because the EPS block work is inert they are unaffected by damp, rot.

Material Specification Sheet
Physical Properties
BS EN13163:2016
EPS 70E EPS 100E EPS 150E EPS 200E EPS 250E EPS 300E EPS 350E EPS 400E
Compressive Strength
at 10% (kPa)
70 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
Cross Breaking Strength
(Bending Strength) (kPa)
115 150 200 250 350 450 525 600
Fire Classification Euroclass E
Max Thermal Conductivity at 10oC
(W/mKLambda 90/90)
0.038 0.036 0.034 0.033 0.033 0.033 0.033 0.033
Water Vapour resistivity
(MN.s.g-1 m-1)
100-200 150-350 150-350 200-500 200-500 200-500 200-500 200-500
Water Absorption
<= 10% <= 10% <= 10% <= 10% <= 10% <= 10% <= 10% <= 10%
Nominal Density
15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50