Station Platform Extended with Modular EPS System

2 January 2006  |  Admin

DS Smith Plastics, Foam Products has been supplying MegaTech Projects Ltd expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam blocks for use in their innovative railway systems. The light-weight foam blocks made of 98% air drastically shortens construction work time of railway platforms. Work may consist of extension, refurbishment or new platform build.

One of the biggest challenges experienced by MegaTech thus far has been the work at the South Hampstead station in central London, which had been closed for over 2 years. Due to the station’s location, works access was limited to a maximum of 2 hours a week, and no weekends. Due to the efficiencies gained with the new system, the required work was completed in just 45 hours.

Following extensive trials that demonstrated full system compliance to Network Rail and all British standards; MegaTech’s EPS modular railway platform systems achieved Network Rail’s formal standard design approval in 2012.

EPS material was chosen for its excellent compressive strength, durability, sustainability and ease of handling. The lightweight EPS blocks play a big part in the construction speed which is at least four times quicker than traditional platform construction, and 2-3 times quicker than steel modular systems. The EPS blocks are encased in cementitious board with pre-cast slabs on top.

In addition, this system is less expensive than any other platform system in the market as it requires minimum excavation and no concrete foundation.

DS Smith Foam Products has supplied EPS blocks for 18 railway platforms using this new system starting with the construction at Peterborough station, were the build programme was reduced from 20 weeks to 20 days.

“It is great to work with MegaTech,” commented Susan Whetnall, Business Development Manager responsible for the MegaTech account. “We are involved from the drawing stage at the very beginning of the project, and feel part of it all, until each completion. Our team at the Livingston, UK plant works very closely with the MegaTech team to enable a smooth supply chain.”